The Tsukuba-Gakuto-Shikin Foundation
      Tsukuba Kenshu Center

The Tsukuba-Gakuto-Shikin Foundation,which is under the sponsorship
structure of Tsukuba University,runs Tsukuba Kenshu center.
The Kenshu Center is a convenient institution where everyone can stay and
study at any time.
 It is in the center of the Tsukuba Science City,and is very close to
Tsukuba University and the various research centers.Over 1,000,000 people
have stayed here to prepare for an entrance examination,participate in
a training camp or various kinds of workshops,exhibitions,and sightseeing
etc since its inception in 1976.
 It has a large training room which can accommodate 120 guests,the smaller
one can accommodate 40 guests.There are also some other Japanese-style rooms.
You can use them for any purpose : for example,workshops,exhibitions,social
meetings etc.
 In addition,there are 145 single-rooms,5 twin-rooms and Japanese,and every
room is airconditioned.Refrigerators,washers and driers are found on every
floor and can be used for free.
 We have set up the new large bathroom with many amenities and a private
showerrooms.Many foreign guests have enjoyed them.
 Our Center is the largest and least expensive one in Tsukuba City is well
 Please come and enjoy our lodging facility.If you come and stay,we are
sure you'll be satisfied.
 「Tsukuba Station」
     …3minutes,by car
    「Matsumi Park」
       …5minutes,on foot