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Nov 13, 2017
We posted Application for Students Residence AY2018 (Addition) yStandardSingle Repaired & Non-Repairedz.
Oct 20, 2017
We posted We have begun changing money for \100 coin.(PDF 42KB)
Oct 11, 2017
We posted Application for Students Residence AY2018.
Sep 27, 2017
We posted Application for Student Residence AY2017 (Addition) yFamily roomEIchinoya #36-37z
Sep 1, 2017
We renewed the page of "CHARGES" in the website.
May 19, 2017
Annual Fire Drill was held on May 19, 2017.(PDF 1262KB)
Apr 14, 2017
We posted Application for Student Residence AY2017 (Addition) yStandard Single RepairedzEyFamily room Ichinoya #17-19z
Feb 15, 2017
We posted Application for Student Residence Hall AY2017 (Addition)(Oikoshi South building).
Feb 6, 2017
We posted Room check process for moving out at end of Academic Year in Oikoshi area(PDF 25KB)
Jan 12, 2017
We posted Fuel Surcharge for January 2017 (PDF 16KB)
Dec 1, 2016
We posted Fuel Surcharge for December 2016 (PDF 16KB)
Nov 7, 2016
We posted Application for Student Residence Hall AY2017 (FAMILY Rooms).
Oct 28, 2016
Dorm Application 2016 Accepting, Female: Oikoshi South building.
Oct 26, 2016
Dorm Application 2016 Accepting, Female: Standard Single Room (Repaired & Non-repaired).
Oct 17, 2016
We posted Application for Students Residence AY2017.
May 9, 2016
Dorm Application 2016 Accepting, Standard Single (Non-Renovated) - Male & Female(Limited Period).
Apr 25, 2016
GREETING MESSAGE and ORGANIZATION CHART in this website have been updated.
Mar 31, 2016
We have posted website in English.



For Dormitory Life

p PD What is recommended when I get sick?

`ns;@We recommend you to see a doctor at the medical facility in campus gUniversity Health Centerh where you can get a free medical treatment by showing your student ID.
@@@@@Open Hours : 09:00`17:00 ( except 12:15`13:15) Weekday
@@@@@Closed : Holiday, Year-end & New-Year holiday etc.
@@@@@Not available while Mass Examination is going on.
@@@@@Clinical Divisions : Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Psychiatry and Dentistry.
The doctor may refer you to a specialist if needed. You can retrieve web-based information about the hospitals and clinics in the region from gSearch for Doctorh at http://www.qq.pref.ibaraki.jp/WP2401/RP240111AC.do

p QD I am living in the dorm now. What should I do to stay the dorm through the next year?

`ns;@Every resident is under annual residence contract so resident who want to stay the dorm through the next year is required to make another application in advance. At around October each year, the gguidance & procedureh is given to all residents by posting it on the bulletin boards at each dorm area, community centers and each Academic Service Office. Donft miss it and make the application in time without delay during the period.

p RD To whom should I call when a trouble happens on a coin-shower e.g. no hot water coming even though the coin is inserted?

`ns; @You can find a placard gcontact details of the venderh in the shower room. Call the vender who is managing the machines directly. The dorm office has no ability on the machines.

p SD To whom should I call when a trouble happens on a coin-washer or dryer in a laundry room?

`ns;@You can find a placard gcontact details of the venderh in the laundry room. Call the vender who is managing the machines directly. The dorm office has no ability on the machines.

p TD I have lost my room key, what should I do?

`ns; @You can ask the dorm office for the spare key to borrow a moment limited to one week but you need to agree that the one has to be replaced with new one at your expense if you cannot return the spare key by the due date. Be careful! The cost you have to bear is expensive but it must be done promptly for security purpose.

p UD Can I put my belongings or my room equipment outside the room in common space?

`ns; @It is strictly prohibited. For safely/quickly escaping from any disaster for all residents, the common space has to be kept clear from anything. It could be a possibility of theft too so never put like the items there.

p VD How can I get a bus pass of University On-Campus Bus System?

`ns; @Students who wish to benefit from this system must purchase a bus pass from any of the 6 Maruzen Bookshops in campus. After the application and payment with showing your student ID there, the pass- sticker (to be attached to the back side of your student ID) is issued to you. The receipt of the payment and the guidance of the bus-service are to be kept until the termination.

p WD What department of the university accept my scholarship application?

`ns; @Academic Service Offices of the Univ. are in charge of the matter. Visit one of these offices corresponding to your course.

p XD Move-in guidance is saying that a set of rental bedding include 6 items which are one each of bed-pad, bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase, comforter and its cover. Is there anything else to rentH

`ns; @Blanket only available and the charge is \1,500/year if needed. Others are to be prepared personally in onefs preference.

p POD I am leaving the dorm now but it is halfway through the contract before terminating. How about my advance payment full year and security deposit in this case? Could it be refundedH

`ns; @The reminder of your advance payment shall be refunded to you. As the room rent is not a daily charge but monthly so a full of the room rent of your move-out month shall be deducted from your deposit although the move-out is made at middle of the month. The Common Service Charge could be daily or weekly calculated. The Move-out Cleaning Fee, latest Utility Charge unpaid, Fuel Surcharge and Compensation (if required) are deducted from your deposit at the move-out settlement and the balance shall be refunded to you.

p PPD If internet access trouble happen while using my PC in the room, to whom should I call?

`ns; @The system is supported by The Academic Computing and Communication Center. Call at 029-853-2453 or e-mail at network-staff@cc.tsukuba.ac.jp

p PQD I have got a car and want the car parking in the campus. How can I get the parking permit?

`ns; @The Application & Written Oath forms are available at each Dorm Office. Fill out the forms and submit them to the division of Student Welfare of the university with showing your student ID and driverfs license. Please note, each copy of the Car Registration and Car Insurance(voluntary) Certificate are also required at the application. For further info, refer gApplication for Parking Permit in Dorm Areah in this Website.

p PRD I am asking a person to send me a parcel via courier but I am living in the dorm where the deliverer cannot enter due to the building security system. How can I receive like the door to door parcel?

`ns; @When you have a call from the courier at the delivery of the parcel, you will need to tell him that the delivery & receipt has to be done at outside of the entrance door. At that time of receipt the item, you can ask the deliverer to bring it (e.g. too heavy) up to your room but, in this case, you need to attend him all the time until his leaving the building. Please note the dorm office never receive or keep any parcel instead of anyone. You can ask the courier for another time to deliver if you are not possible to receive the parcel at the time of the notice. Keep the item safely in good condition could only be possible by the courier but not the dorm office.

p PSD Could you advise a convenient bicycle shop?

`ns; @Bicycle shops as below are near the campus (but, they are not as if our official approved shop).
gEL DEPORTEh :@1-10-29 Amakubo Tsukuba,@ 300m East from Oikoshi Community Center.
gTCN(Inoue-cycle)h :@3-10-5 Amakubo Tsukuba, 100m Northeast from the Univ. Hall.
g1F of AEON shopping centerh : @1-7-1 Azuma Tsukuba, 700m Southeast from Kasuga Area
Please check with map, you may have a chance to make the best possible choice from among many other bicycle shops in the region.

p PTD How do I report a theft when I have something stolen?

`ns; @Report it to the Dorm Office first then visit the nearest police station to write the theft report by yourself. Soon after the reporting, the police officer may carry out an investigation at the scene with your attendance if needed.

p PUD How about the service hours of restaurant and bathhouse in the dorm area?

`ns; @Bathhouses are available in Hirasuna and Kasuga. The Service hours are as below.
Hirasuna Community Center: @18:00`23:00 Weekday, 18:00`22:00 Weekend & Holiday.
Kasuga Bldg. 1 & 2 : @17:00`22:00
Restaurant is only available in Hirasuna Community Center. The service hours is as below.
11:00`14:00 & 17:30`19:30 Weekday, 11:30`13:30 Weekend & Holiday

p PVD Is it possible to install an air-conditioner in my room?

`ns; @Yes, but the one has to be removed by the date of your move-out at your expense as well. Due to the power capacity of the room is only 20A, you are required to use other electrical items under limited condition after the installation. The electric stores from whom you can purchase or rental the one are available in the dorm area as below.
Iwasaki Electric Store Fat 1F of Hirsuna Community Center, Tel 029-858-1239-extension 8671,
@@@@@@@Internal phone 90-8671, Web-site at http://www.tsukuba-koseikai.com/store/store_82
Aiden Electric Store : at 1F of Ichinoya & Oikoshi Community Center, Tel (ditto)-extension 8647,
@@@@@@@Internal phone 90-8647, Web-site at http://www.tsukuba-koseikai.com/store/store_02
@@@@@@@Toll Free Number at 0120-270-747, Open : 10:00`18:00 weekday, (`17:00 on Saturday)

p P8. @I am going to pay the Dormitory Charge but I have no idea about the U戵[(Remittance Form) and how to do?

`ns; @As we do not accept your payment by cash at the dorm office, you need to remit the charges according to the attached instruction gHow to Remit the Dorm Chargeh. The remittance form is available at the dorm office in your area.
Payment by installments must be made in advance. The due date is 5th of each month. You will be ordered off if you fall behind in payment three months or more.
Your Dorm Application for next year will be rejected if you fall behind in payment at the occasion of the beginning of November.
All the payments throughout the Contracted Period ( the charges for 12 months from April to March of the Academic Year ) must be completed by 15th January of the year.



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